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Create a Customized Curriculum

One of the most accessible and affordable options for students is to create your own curriculum. Students can develop this by utilizing online courses on a particular topic and pairing the courses with an extensive reading list. With the help of open courseware providers including MIT, Yale University, Khan Academy, Academic Earth, and Coursera, you can spend the summer immersed in works related to your chosen topic. Ask your teachers and the school librarian for reading list recommendations before the school year ends. While you work your way through the courses and reading list, keep an annotated bibliography, which you can later submit with your college applications. Similarly, students can design an independent research project. If you choose this course of action, your goal should be to produce a final, tangible product such as a paper or entry into a competition or fair. You may be able to use resources at a local college such as their faculty and facilities. In addition to the personal and intellectual growth designing a curriculum can provide you, it will also serve as a demonstration of your academic interests to college admissions officers.Lots of links to Free Open Courses over on our Facebook Timeline. 

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