The fact that the SAT is a timed test is a terrible problem for some test takers. Of course you need to practice finishing the test sections within the time limits. Of course you need to learn how to pace yourself with real tests from The Big Blue Book. The paradox, however, is not timing but PROCESS. You need to develop processes that will allow you to get to the answers more quickly. If you simply do timed section after timed section, without developing Q & A processes, your test timing will improve only marginally. If you concentrate on speed, and speed only, you'll go nowhere fast. You might get a bit faster, but will your scores go up?
Do not deal with speed. Deal with process. if you develop your SAT Q & A processes sufficiently, you won't waste time by constantly repeating answer choices. The time problems will gradually take care of themselves.
Want a good place to start? Don't ever do a new test, or even a new section, unless you have learned something from an older, already completed test. It's what we call the 7/11 Routine. Take another look at our 7/11 Routine (The Big Dice) on this SelectPrep Blog.

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